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DFDF - Das Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik

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July 15th, 2015

05:14 pm - DFDF 2015: 1st memory online

Originally published at DFDF. You can comment here or there.

Want to remember DFDF 2015? Check this out.
Want to add something? Send it to me!


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June 28th, 2015

09:03 am - DFDF 2015 – Tell me all about it

Originally published at DFDF. You can comment here or there.

So, DFDF 2015 has been and gone – and I missed it…

Still I’d like to know how it went! So: send me pics, conreports or lyrics from the song sharing circle to add to our website and you will receive a “thank you”-something from me.

What will you get? I am not telling 😉
You’ll need to inspire me first.



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May 27th, 2014

06:49 am - DFDF Bericht
Ich habe einen DFDF-Bericht (auf Englisch) geschrieben. Das war eine kleine aber wunderbare Con!

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May 10th, 2014

02:36 pm - Sind deine Taschen gepackt?

Originally published at DFDF. You can comment here or there.

conboxWe are still busy getting all the convention stuff ready, and think that you might be doing the same.

So here are some items you should remember to pack – especially if this is your first time at DFDF:

  • swimsuit or bikini or trunks – there will be an acapella (aquapella) workshop in the hotel pool on Saturday morning (you don’t have to go into the water or to be wearing swimming clothes to participate – if you do not want to get wet, bring light clothes, as it is pretty warm in the spa area of the hotel)
  • auction items – if you have things that you want to donate to the convention auction, we’re happy to take them. The membership fees, plus the auction and its proceeds, are what allows us to run the convention.
  • A bell (Why? That is something you’d better ask Thesilée)
  • That’s about all we can think of, right now – hope your packing and your travels go well – and if you have any last minute questions: ask!
  • See you Friday!!!


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January 30th, 2014

07:46 pm - (P)review

Originally published at DFDF. You can comment here or there.

We have been busy for you. You can either review DFDF 2013 with Kirstins photos or read about the Guests of Honor at DFDF 2014.

Or you could look for the picture of the future Guests of Honor among the pictures from DFDF 2013 ;)

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January 9th, 2014

10:16 pm - Registration will become more expensive

Originally published at DFDF. You can comment here or there.

Der Conbeitrag steigt am 10.2. um €5 an – du hast also noch knapp einen Monat Zeit, um den “Frühbucherrabatt” zu nutzen. Wenn du zur Con kommen willst – warum nicht jetzt schon anmelden?


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September 26th, 2013

04:31 pm - DFDF 2014

Originally published at DFDF. You can comment here or there.

16 – 18 May 2014
Relexa Hotel
Bad Salzdetfurth

Guests of Honor: Pavlovs Duck

Register now!


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May 21st, 2011

06:25 pm - Five days and counting!
Dear DFDF attendees / Liebe DFDF Teilnehmer_innen,

it's five days until DFDF, and we're very exited, and fine-tuning our planning for the con. I'm fidding with the Advance Request Concert as I write, and want to invite you all to go forth and bring Leslie Fish's "Hope Eyrie" into your current repertoire, as the song might just show up at some time during the weekend, and if you want to sing along ... sing along!

es sind noch fünf Tage bis zur DFDF und wir freuen uns schon sehr darauf, und sind gerade an der Feinabstimmung des Programms - ich beschäftige mich im Moment damit beim ARC den letzten Schliff anzulegen und will euch hiermit alle einladen euch doch den Text und die Melodie von Leslie Fishs "Hope Eyrie" nochmal ins Gedächtnis zu rufen, denn das Lied könnte euch am Wochenende begegnen ... und wer mitsingen will: mitsingen!

If you want to practice at home ... here's a link:
Wer zu Hause üben möchte ... hier ein Link:

Hope Eyrie on Youtube

Ansonsten: Badesachen nicht vergessen!
Don't forget your swimsuits etc!
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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May 2nd, 2011

09:43 pm - Advance Request Concert
Dear DFDF attendees,

the official deadline for making a wish in the Advance Request Concert was yesterday, but we decided to give you a liiiittle more time to get your wishes in. Thus, wish submission will now close on the evening of May 5th - if you have a song you want to hear, make your wish now!

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February 1st, 2011

06:22 pm - DFDF 2011 Update!
(English below)

Liebe deutschsprachige Filker,

Zur DFDF 2011 und zu unserer Internetseite gibt es einige Neuigkeiten, die wir euch natürlich gerne mitteilen wollen!

Hier eine Übersicht in Kürze:

DFDF 2011
--> am 8. Februar werden die Mitgliedsbeiträge teurer - also schnell vorher noch anmelden!
--> Auf der DFDF 2011 wird es einen Song Contest (der gar kein Contest ist) geben, zum Thema "Helden der Kindheit"

Wenn du schon angemeldet bist, dann kannst du dir jetzt Lieder im Advance Request Concert wünschen oder dich fürs Hauptkonzert anmelden ... und dein Zimmer solltest du auch vor Ende April buchen (dann läuft unser garantiertes Zimmerkontingent ab)

Und auf unserer Internetseite gibt es jetzt eine Zeitmaschine! Klick sie an und schwelge in Erinnerungen an die Conventions 2009 und 2010.

Schau doch mal vorbei!
Sib, fürs Concom



Dear Filker,

Since there's quite a bit of news regarding DFDF 2011 and the DFDF website itself we thought we'd share it with you here... :-)

DFDF 2011
--> DFDF memberships become more expensive starting February 8* - so why not join before then?
--> There will be a song contest (that isn't a song contest) at DFDF, on the topic of "Childhood Heroes" (you can find out all about it on our website)

If you're already registered, why not make a wish in the Advance Request Concert or sign up for the main concert? And if you haven't booked a room yet - the room prices are confirmed and our room block closes at the end of April - why not book it right now and be done with it?

We've also now got a time machine on the website ... click on it and travel back to the 2009 and 2010 conventions..

So, come on over and have a look!
Sib, for the concom


*yes, you will be able so register for DFDF at Cr2sc3ndo, just look for Jela or Steve to do so!

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